Shirin zarman iranian

Shirin zarman iranian is honored that has stablished biggest and equipped factory of GAZ production line in more than four thousands squared meters area.

This company has penetrated in both domestic and foreign markets by using DALMAN brand and by relying on specialist managers intendes to change all prior manufacturing in this field to investigate different aspect of this iranian souvenir to modern foreign markets.

GAZ Is one of the best Iranian sweets which is produced by putting together miracles of nature, Such as: pistachio, almond, egg white, herbal manna, rose water and Honey which each one has unique attributes . This product is strengthens is stomach, heart, brain and liver by using Pistachio and rose water. Egg white consists of best protein needed by human body which is called albumin; Eliminating acne, strengthen eye sight, relive cough, disinfecting the body, Removing hemorrhoids duo to the presence of herbal manna in addition of what Is mentioned above, best attribute which is considered in production of this sweet is to ovoid Using preservative, Chemical addititives and so on, That causes these traditional sweets to be in healthier sweets list of the world.

Shirin zarman company is empowered to supply large quantities variety of gaz as well Coated GAZ with Sohan, GAZ with pistachio nut, GAZ with Almond nut, Saffron GAZ with pistachio nut, Coffe GAz,and Etc of high quality global standard such as HACCP Standard, ISO 22000 standard with highly compectitive price.


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